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Simple Architecture
Simple Architecture
Arrowtel’s solution is simple. We believe that translates to stable and cost effective. Arrowtel’s solution is a pure Asterisk IP-PBX installed on commodity hardware. The solution is built around a fully featured PBX capable of handling any conceivable call flow scenario and customization requirements.
How It Works-For The Layperson
How It Works-For The Layperson

• POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) communicates with   PSTN (public switched telephone network) which   communicates with Media Gateway service provider.

• Media Gateway communicates with PBX software which
   you own.

• PBX runs on commodity hardware (i.e. a computer server)   which you own.

• PoE (power over ethernet) switch is hardware that provides   power to all phones. Eliminating the need for a separate   power supply and resulting in less clutter under your desk.   You own this too.

• The entire system runs on a LAN with trunks over the Internet.

About The PBX
About The PBX
A private branch exchange (PBX) is a telephone exchange that serves a particular business or office, as opposed to one that a common carrier or telephone company operates for many businesses or for the general public. Basically, a PBX controls an individual telephone system.

An IP-PBX is designed to do the above over a data network (i.e. a LAN and/or the Internet) and interoperate with the Public Switched Telephone Network (i.e. the plain old telephone system).

Arrowtel’s solution features “PBX in a Flash”, a fully functional business grade IP-PBX server with:

• CentOS 5.x Linux operating system

• Apache web server

• SendMail server

• MySQL database server

• IPtables firewall, PHP, and WebMin

• Asterisk 1.8.x

• Fail2ban intrusion prevention framework

• FreePBX, and more

PBX Upgrades
PBX Upgrades
What really separates “PBX in a Flash” from the competition is its painless upgradeability and modular expandability. Whether it is the underlying CentOS operating system, the Asterisk telephony platform, the FreePBX web-based user interface, or Bug Fixes, upgrades are always one button click away:

• CallerID lookup services

• Call center features, such as recording, barging, call   monitoring, metrics etc.

• GUI Based call managers and operator panels

• Integration with CRM products such as SugarCRM

Phone System Topology
Phone System Topology
How It Works-For The IT Professional
How It Works-For The IT Professional

• Asterisk IP-PBX software is installed on commodity server   hardware. We prefer Dell products.

• Asterisk is an open source telephony platform that we run on   Linux. The Asterisk IP-PBX distribution we provide is
PBX in a Flash”. VoIP traffic is via SIP protocol.

• Calls are passed to and from the PSTN via SIP trunk to Media   Gateway provided by one or more carriers.

• Optimal network environment provided by high-speed   (Bonded T1 minimum) Internet connection. T1 connection is   possible but will require prioritization of outbound voice traffic   at customer’s edge router.

• Arrowtel monitors circuit for jitter, packet loss and latency in   order to proactively identify potential QoS problems.

How Good Is Our Gear?
How Good Is Our Gear?
Arrowtel does not mark-up any hardware and as such, is 100% vendor neutral. We can work with any and every major hardware and equipment provider in the IP telephone industry. That being said, we do have preferred vendors/manufacturers for the various parts of our solution and our preferences are based upon quality, reliability, and proven track record on our system and in the general marketplace for Asterisk telephony solutions.

Some of the quality hardware and software we endorse include:

• PBX – “PBX in a Flash”
• PBX server – Dell
• Power over Ethernet switch – Cisco, Dell
• Telephone handsets – Polycom, Aastra
• SIP trunk – Bandtel, Velocity, Flowroute



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