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When combined with affordable high-speed Internet and data services and SIP trunking, every business has the ability to get wholesale calling rates.

The Arrowtel Advantage takes this one step further. When combined with open source Asterisk business grade IP-PBX’s running on commodity hardware, our solution offers the absolute lowest possible monthly phone bill. Your monthly phone bill will always be lower with Arrowtel when compared to any other hosted VoIP solution… hands down.

LAs Full Service Aserisk Shop
More and more companies are offering Hosted VoIP solutions whereby you do not have to pay any money up front for your phone system equipment and you only pay anywhere from $29.00 to $39.00 per month per phone. Though this may seem like a great deal initially, hosted VoIP solutions come with huge disadvantages as well.

If we examine a little telecommunications industry history, TDM Centrex died with the advent of the PBX. Hosted VoIP, which is nothing more than Centrex over IP, will end up on that same road to nowhere. With the advent of SIP Trunking, and the IP-PBX, that same evolutionary process is now repeating itself. SIP Trunking is replacing hosted VoIP because it’s a simply a better more cost effective solution. So move past hosted VoIP solutions, and optimize your enterprise communications with Arrowtel’s Asterisk IP-PBX with SIP Trunking.

The Bottom Line: The MRC leverage ratio is one of the key reasons TDM Centrex died out. It will also be one of the main reasons hosted VoIP will loose out to SIP trunking. Hosted VoIP is simply not cost effective due to the wasteful MRC trunk charges it forces on the end user. As a result hosted VoIP services cannot compete economically with SIP trunking solutions, such as that offered by Arrowtel. VoIP SIP Trunking offers you significant communications advantages over hosted VoIP and legacy TDM services.

LAs Full Service Aserisk Shop

The true test of any investment is how it performs over time and its speed to recoup initial costs. The following financial scenarios have been prepared for reference purposes only and Arrowtel in no way represents or warrants that actual performance would meet these hypothetical values. Actual price quotes, current telephone bills (for customers replacing legacy systems) and actual minute usage are unique to each individual installation and circumstances.


Phone Usage Assumptions 20
Number of
20 30 50 100
Avg. Phone Time/Day 30 30 30 30
Avg. Days/Month 24 24 24 24
% Inbound Calls to Total Calls 50% 50% 50% 50%
Investment Cost        
Hardware & Equipment Investment $3,835 $5,035 $7,435 $13,435
Installation &
All Soft Cost Total
$3,200 $4,500 $7,000 $13,000
Total Install Cost-tax not included $7,035 $9,535 $14,435 $26,435
Monthly Phone Bill        
Current Phone Bill $1,697 $2,546 $4,243 $8,485
Arrowtel Solution Phone Bill $221 $330 $548 $1,093
Monthly Savings $1,476 $2,216 $3,695 $7,392
Months to Recoup Investment 4.8 4.3 3.9 3.6
*All values are estimates only-Arrowtel makes no representations or warranties that actual costs are reflected in the above numbers
Arrowtel World Class Phone Systems

Other hosted VoIP and IP telephony solutions may market lower upfront costs, but they cannot compete financially with our solution across time. The TCO of Arrowtel’s solution will always be lower because:

• We offer a pure Asterisk IP-PBX with no complex proprietary   software increasing your running costs

• Our system runs on commodity hardware.

• We do not mark-up any hardware purchases

• We do not mark-up SIP trunk minutes and you are free to use   as many or as few SIP trunk carriers as you wish. This   ensures that you will always receive the lowest possible   wholesale minute pricing

• Our Arrowtel OnePoint service plan ensures that you will have   one point of contact, one simple price, and one service cost

Arrowtel World Class Phone Systems
SIP Trunking, combined with an IP-PBX, offers you significant advantages over hosted VoIP for your enterprise. Here are some of the reasons why SIP Trunking is a superior solution:

Security Risk- Hosted VoIP services make use of techniques (such as STUN) that try to keep pin holes open in your corporate firewall for the VoIP service to work.

Hosted VoIP is a Bandwidth Hog - Hosted VoIP does not take advantage of the trunk side to station side ratio like an IP-PBX does. Conversely, with an IP-PBX you keep all the voice data streams internally for in-house call traffic, and thus use no outside bandwidth. The bottom line is hosted VoIP simply does not scale. Anything past eight phones becomes a significant problem as a result of this poor utilization of outside bandwidth.

Configuration & Provisioning Control- in a hosted VoIP environment all your setup and configuration information has to be controlled, stored, and administered by the ITSP at their back office facility. As such the hosted VoIP ITSP is involved in every facet of your corporate communications configuration and provisioning process. Conversely, with an IP-PBX and SIP Trunking, you are in control of the entire configuration for your enterprise.

Hosted Equals Hostage- with hosted VoIP services you are held hostage to a single VoIP provider. You have no choices
in using a second service provider should things not work out. But with SIP trunking changing ISTP's is as simple as a key click.

Hosted VoIP MRCs are costly- with Hosted VoIP one does not reap the benefits of a reduced trunk/station ratio like that found in an IP-PBX. With hosted VoIP the deployment it is in essence one trunk for each station (phone). But with SIP trunking and an IP-PBX you will in general have a 6 to 1 ration of stations to trunks, thus lowering your stranded monthly recurring trunking costs by that factor.

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Arrowtel World Class Phone Systems
Are you looking for a new phone system or is your legacy system forcing you to overpay for telephone service?

• Does your business have 10-200 employees?

• Is an absolutely secure and stable telephone system critical   to your business?

• Would saving up to 80% on your monthly telephone bill   benefit your business?

• Do you believe that technology exists to help your business?

• Do you believe that being smart with technology benefits
   your business?

• Do you believe that technology should be affordable
   and effective?

• If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Arrowtel   is right for you.



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